And today we...WIN!

Support our efforts to keep the pressure on to keep harmful bills where they belong - off our books.

Thanks to you, no licenses to discriminate will be issued to adoption agencies or healthcare providers.

Under pressure from thousands of Equality Michigan members, the Michigan legislature opted to kill discriminatory bills which would harm those most in need.

At 4 AM this morning it was official - the Michigan legislature did not hold final votes on House Bills 5763 and 5764, which would have provided adoption agencies with licenses to discriminate based on a moral or religious conviction, or on Senate Bill 975, which would have provided similar licenses to discriminate to healthcare professionals. Equality Michigan was proud to be there for that moment and today we celebrate with our supporters - along with all LGBT families across Michigan and our friends within partner organizations from Unity Michigan, labor, education, and other human rights movements!

The bills, introduced by extremists from both chambers, were three of many bills introduced this legislative session to promote an agenda of intolerance over compassion. You helped us defeat them, but we still need your help!

While extremists in the legislature seem suspiciously motivated to keep hurling a wrecking ball at the rights of Michiganders, their colleagues recognized that Michigan citizens would not let harm to ANY families go unrecognized and unpunished and heeded your call to put an end to these offensive bills.

You stood up for 14,000 foster care children in Michigan and defended the Hippocratic Oath!

Equality Michigan was proud to work with our allies in the women's rights, labor, and healthcare reform movements in defeating these bills - and we appreciate their ongoing support of our work.

However, our allies were not so fortunate in defeating attacks on their communities this session. We join them in planning how to correct those injustices and we will no doubt continue to need their help, and the support of all Equality Michigan members, to keep these extremists in check.

It is clear that we should expect extremists serving in the Michigan Legislature to return to their cruel shenanigans when they begin the 2013-2014 session next January.

They made it painfully clear this month that we cannot afford to trust all of our elected officials to keep their promises or our best interests at heart. Strengthen our fight before the next attack, please consider setting aside $5, $10, $25 or better yet $50 a month for equality in Michigan!

For the cost of 10 premium coffees or one night out a month - you will be making an investment toward a Michigan where you and the LGBT people you love can live free of discrimination in their daily lives and where all families can prosper under full equality. 

Join the team supporting respect for equality in Michigan!


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