Ask our legislators to stay strong against unfounded scare tactics

At the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on February 15, 2012, Catholic Charities spoke in opposition to the Colorado Civil Union Act, threatening to discontinue their services to the most vulnerable Coloradans if civil unions are enacted.

Join us in asking our legislators to stay strong against these shocking scare tactics and threats.

Although SB-2 contains specific protections to ensure that no faith-based institution will have to honor a couple's civil union in any capacity --- Catholic Charities is claiming that they'll be forced to adopt to civil union partners and threatening to stop their their services.

We can't let these scare tactics derail our efforts to advance civil unions.

Sign our petition and let our Senators and Representatives know the truth about what SB-2 really does --- protects religion and our families.

The Colorado Civil Union Act includes protections that ensure religious liberties are never infringed upon. Don't let unfounded scare tactics and threats stand in the way of passing critical legislation like civil unions.
This petition is no longer active.