Republicans for Equality

Thousands of gay and lesbian couples all across the state are doing the hard work of building strong families, and yet these committed couples lack the tools they need to take care of and be responsible for each other. Civil unions will change that.

Civil unions will provide Colorado couples with critical legal protections and responsibilities. Protections like access to health insurance coverage, ability to make medical and end-of-life decisions, right to live together in a nursing home. Responsibilities like adoption and inheritance.

Basic legal protections for committed couples shouldn't be a partisan issue, and in many states, it hasn't been. Hundreds of Republican legislators have voted in support of the legal recognition of gay and lesbian couples.

Let's show our Republican Representatives and Senators that equality for LGBT Coloradans is not a partisan issue.

Take action today --- sign our "Republicans for Equality" petition.

Dear Fellow Republicans,

Colorado has a long and proud history of leading the way in protecting individual rights and liberties. And this year, we have an opportunity to ensure individual rights and liberties to all Coloradans through civil unions.

The values of limited government and individual freedom are the core values of moderate and conservative voters in Colorado. Civil unions are consistent with these values, ensuring that the power of the government is not misused to limit the liberties of any Coloradan.

As Coloradans and Republicans, we are proud of our leadership in protecting individual liberties. The Republican Party, the party of Lincoln, must continue to champion civil liberties. Our leaders should ensure a civil and fair discussion about civil unions in the Colorado Legislature.

With 61% of Colorado Republicans supporting civil unions, this is a mainstream idea of our party. Civil unions adhere to a core conservative principle: the less intrusion into personal liberty the better.

I urge you to support civil unions and to continue Colorado's leadership in protecting individual liberties.
This petition is no longer active.