Washington United for Marriage

The time is NOW to pass Marriage Equality in Washington

The momentum for marriage equality is on our side in Washington State and your legislators need to hear from you.  They value your voice and opinion, and telling your story is important to make sure they do the right thing and stand on the side of equality.

Polls show that a majority of Washingtonians support marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples.  Making your voice heard and sending a letter to your legislators and Governor Gregoire will help make the case that now is the time to enact marriage equality.

Your message will be most effective if you can share a bit about you, your family and why you support marriage for all Washingtonians, regardless of who they love.

This action is no longer active. To view the current list of our active campaigns click here

About Washington United for Marriage: Washington United for Marriage is a coalition of organizations, congregations, unions, and business associations working together to secure civil marriage for loving, committed gay and lesbian couples.
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