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We know that one of the most effective way to win  marriage equality is to share our stories with our neighbors, friends, family  members and community.  With these stories, we can show that love,  commitment and equality are values that we all share.

What better way to share our stories on Valentine’s Day  than with cards from the heart. That’s why we are asking our supporters throughout  the state to create and send Valentine’s Day e-cards. By bringing  together hundreds of stories from all over the state and displaying them in one  location and on our blog page, we will show our collective desire for love, commitment, marriage and  equality.

Our stories can make the difference in winning  marriage equality in Oregon!

Comments will be edited for consistency and brevity.

Share your story!
(e.g. What does love mean to you? How did you meet your partner? Why does marriage matter to you?)
Sample Story

Kyle and Kaitlin

Until I met my partner, Kaitlin I never gave much thought to marriage.  I long wanted to find that special someone, settle down and have kids. Getting married never factored into that plan, because as a lesbian it just didn’t seem possible.

I’ve seen marriage denied to gay and lesbian couples despite their lasting commitment.   After Kaitlin and I declared our love and built a life together, I realized that we are already doing the everyday work of marriage.  Similar to every couple, we have our ups and downs, we celebrate the great times and we support each other through the difficult times.  Sometimes we work together like clockwork and sometimes we fight over household chores, like who is going to take out the garbage. 

We have dreams of where we want our life to take us and we really want to start a family in the near future.  In our hearts we know we will always be there for each other. We look to the day when we can join in civil marriage so that it’s clear to everyone what we mean to each other, that we can be counted on to protect and take care of each other forever, and so we can have others hold us to that promise.  

After all, marriage says commitment like no other word can.

-Kyle from Portland