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 The Transgender Justice program at Basic Rights Oregon works to win policies that increase the safety and wellbeing of transgender Oregonians. Staff work in collaboration with trans community leaders to increase access to health care, legal rights, and safety in prisons and jails for trans, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming folks in Oregon. We recognize that trans people of color, trans women, and trans youth are often most impacted by these policies, and that the LGBT movement often leaves these communities behind.

This summer, we’re holding community-specific listening sessions to increase transparency, accountability, feedback and engagement with trans communities of color, trans women’s communities, and trans youth communities.

Join us and tell us what you think of the work of the Trans Justice Program: what’s working? What isn’t? What can we do to improve? How can you get involved?

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These sessions will include a meal and transportation assistance is available.

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(Please note: these sessions are identity specific and only open to those who identify as the group each session is focused on. For example, only people who identify as trans women should sign up for the trans women session.) 

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