Vote NO on HB 2195

Rep. Mike Reynolds (R-91) has introduced HB 2195, a bill attempting to bar gay men and women from serving in the Oklahoma National Guard.   The House Veterans and Military Affairs Committee will be hearing this bill at 3 p.m. on Monday, February 20th (Room 432A).  We urgently need your help in urging the committee to oppose HB 2195.

HB2195 (Rep. Mike Reynolds)

Reinstitutes the ban on gays and lesbians serving in Oklahoma National Guard.  This bill is even more extreme than the now-extinct Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy because it does not prohibit commanders from inquiring about a soldier's sexual orientation.

Please contact the members of the House Veterans and Military Affairs Commitee and urge them to vote NO on HB 2195. 

You can call committee members at the following numbers (it is fine to leave a message) or email the entire committee simultaneously using the sample letter (feel free to modify it) and direct link below.

  • Paul Wesslhoft (R-54), chair - (405) 557-7343
  • Lewis Moore (R-96), vice-chair - (405) 557-7400
  • Gary Banz (R-101) - (405) 557-7395
  • John R. Bennett (R-2) - (405) 557-7315
  • Ann Coody (R-64) - (405) 557-7398
  • John Enns (R-41) - (405) 557-7321
  • Chuck Hoskin (D-6) - (405) 557-7319
  • Scott Inman (D-94) - (405) 557-7370
  • Randy McDaniel (R-83) - (405) 557-7409
  • Eric Proctor (D-77) - (405) 557-7410
  • Paul Roan (D-20) - (405) 557-7308
  • Dustin Roberts (R-21) - (405) 557-7366
  • Aaron Stiles (R-45) - (405) 557-7386

Dustin Roberts


Gary Banz

John Bennett

Ann Coody

John Enns

Chuck Hoskin

Scott Inman

Randy McDaniel

Lewis Moore


Eric Proctor


Paul Roan


Aaron Stiles


Paul Wesselhoft