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Equality In Action Postcard Campaign

You've heard about the anti-LGBT constitutional amendment that has been introduced in the state legislature.  
Here is something you can do about it!

Help Equality NC by volunteering for our Equality in Action Postcard Campaign against the anti-LGBT amendment! Whether you’re new to Equality NC or have been involved with us for years, we know you care about this issue and are dedicated to this cause. You know the damage this amendment will do to LGBT individuals, youth, families, and allies.  Getting postcards signed by your friends, neighbors, family, and coworkers is a great way to both bring the issue to light and to let NC senators and representatives know that voters in their district care about equal rights.  
In order to make a bigger impact, we're asking that each of you gather at least 25 postcards from your social circles, families, friends, co-workers, organizations, and faith communities. Collect the postcards as they are signed, and we'll include a return envelope with postage for you to send them back to us. We will duplicate each postcard so that each person's representative and senator receives one.
When we provide legislators with a stack of our postcards urging them not to vote for the anti-LGBT amendment, it not only makes a powerful statement but also proves there are fair-minded North Carolinians in their district. Won't you help us make that statement?
There are many steps that go into the full Postcard Campaign.  The most important step is volunteers getting postcards completed in their communities. In addition, we need volunteers in our Raleigh office to help us process postcard requests, track outstanding postcard kits, do data entry as we receive completed postcards, duplicate postcards in order to reach the signer's representative and senator, and organize postcards by legislative districts!  
Fill out the form below to request your Equality in Action packet with postcards and everything you need to help out.

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Thanks for signing up! We'll get you postcard kit as soon as possible! We've had a lot of requests, so bear with us as we process yours! If you indicated you can volunteer in our office, or provided other information we should respond to, we'll be in touch with you soon! Thanks for being "Equality in Action."