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Thu, Sep 01, 2011
8:00 AM

Virtual Phone Banking for Equality 2011!

On September 12, 2011, North Carolina's state legislature will convene for a special session where they will begin hearing amendments to be put on the general election ballot of 2012.  One of these amendments is House Bill 777/Senate Bill 106, the “anti-LGBT amendment,” that would ban same-sex marriage (as state statute already does), as well as prohibit civil unions and nullify domestic partnership benefits. Together, we can defeat this amendment  - but we need your help.

And we've made it easy to do from your home, your office, anywhere! All you need is a cell phone and a computer.  

Simply sign up for a shift to make calls and help mobilize pro-Equality support in NC!

Fill out the information below and on the day of your shift an organizer will call to train you on how to use the call software.  Then, talk to voters across the state of North Carolina about the importance of contacting their legislators and urging them to oppose the anti-LGBT amendment.   We’ll even patch them through straight to their legislators!  No matter where you are calling from, whether it be from California to Tennesee, North Dakota to Alabama, you can make a difference in North Carolina.  

Phone banking will occur from Noon to 9p.m. EST every day leading up to the vote,  so please indicate which day you'll be calling and when you are contacted please let our organizer know during what time you'll be making the calls.  Any amount of time helps the fight for Equality in North Carolina and beyond!  

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