Sign On To Protect All Marylanders


Today we urge you to sign on to the petition and the campaign that urges Maryland to protect ALL its residents from discrimination in housing, places of public accommodations, credit and employment, regardless of gender identity or expression.

We, the undersigned:

Believe in a Maryland that will end the 12% homeless rate of its transgender population.

Believe in a Maryland where everyone gains equal access to employment without fear of losing their job due to discrimination.

Believe all people should have access to basic public accommodations without fear or threat of violence.

Believe that people of all genders deserve better than a 54% harassment rate and deserve to be in public without fear of violence.

Believe in a Maryland where all people can rent housing regardless of their gender identities or expressions.

Believe everyone, if qualified should have access to loans to buy homes and cars no matter how they express their gender identity.

We urge everyone to support comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation that includes gender identity and expression here in Maryland.
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622 total signers.


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