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People of Faith in Illinois Supporting Marriage Equality

Dear Clergy and Lay Leaders, 

If you feel that it is unfair and unjust to deny families and couples the legal protections and dignities they deserve based on sexual orientation, please read and sign our petition.

Equality Illinois is coordinating a people of faith petition in support of a measures that would grant all Illinois families the right to marry. The petition along with the names and religious affiliation of its signers will be given to public officials, published on the Equality Illinois website and may be made public in a press release.

No matter where your community of faith stands on the issue of marriage equality, I hope we can all agree that no one should be denied equal treatment under the law. Thank you for your support.

In partnership and equality,

Caroline Staerk
Field Director, Equality Illinois
Office:  773-477-7173
Fax:     773-477-6912                                              

Dear Public Official,

We represent people of faith from a variety of communities across our state, and we strongly support the Illinois Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act. We dedicate our lives to fostering faith and compassion, and we work daily to promote justice and fairness for all. Standing on these beliefs, we think that it is morally just to grant equal opportunities and responsibilities to loving, committed same-sex couples. There can be no justification for the law treating people differently on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

We accept our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters and recognize that their families need equal recognition and protections. We believe all Illinois couples should have the same civil protections and urge our public officials to support measures to achieve equality.

There are differences among our many religious traditions. Some recognize and bless same-sex unions, and some do not. The important thing is that the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act protects religious freedom and guarantees that all faiths will decide which marriages should be consecrated and solemnized within their tradition.

The sacred writings and traditions that we follow carry the messages of love, justice and inclusion. The very basis of marriage is to protect the family, strengthen our communities and advocate compassion. No couple should be excluded from that.

We want to promote the common good – that which is best for individuals, couples, families, children, and society. As people of faith and as citizens of Illinois, we ask you to stand for freedom for all of our citizens and support the freedom to marry. It’s not only a matter of equality – it’s a matter of conscience and justice.


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