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Shame on you, Bob!

Just one week ago,  Family Leader President Bob Vander Plaats was busy defending himself after asking presidential candidates to sign a pledge that, among other things, inferred that children born today are worse off than children born into slavery.


Now, an outrageous new video has surfaced showing, once again, Bob’s mean-spirited and hurtful nature.




[Video from ThinkProgress.org]

ATTENDEE: You know what my wife says? She says: Iowa, the state where you can’t smoke a fag, but you can marry one.


VANDER PLAATS: Oh shoot, that’s pretty good, that’s pretty good. Oh shoot.


Tell Bob Vander Plaats enough is enough.  Sign our petition, and demand Mr. Vander Plaats to apologize to LGBT Iowans for his hurtful and derogatory comments.

Dear Bob,

Throughout the debate on marriage, you have claimed that you want to have a civil discussion on the issues affecting loving, committed gay and lesbian Iowans. Yet, as you continue to use hurtful and derogatory language, you are showing more and more that you are not interested in a civil debate, but only furthering your political career. Your comments have hurt not only gay and lesbian Iowans, but all Iowans, and have made our state a joke throughout the country.

Mr. Vander Plaats, you do not speak for me, and I demand that you issue an apology to gay and lesbian Iowans for your hurtful comments and actions.
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