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TAKE ACTION: Tell House No Marriage Discrimination Act!

Less than one week after the Iowa House passed an amendment to take away the freedom to marry for LGBT couples, legislators are continuing their assault on marriage with new legislation, House Study Bill 50, or the Marriage Discrimination Act.

Use the form below to email your representative, or call the House switchboard at 515.281.3221, and let them know you support equality for all Iowa families!

Advocated by Representatives Anderson and Swaim, this bill would open the door for businesses and other entities to discriminate against LGBT couples on religious grounds. However, this legislation goes far beyond gays and lesbians. It opens the door for individuals to discriminate against any married Iowans, including interfaith and interracial:

  • a restaurant owner could break a signed contract with a same-sex couple to host a wedding reception because they disagree with their relationship,

  • hotel-owner could deny an interracial couple a room on their wedding night because they disagree with their relationship, or

  • a florist could break their signed contract to provide flowers at the wedding of a Catholic and Lutheran because they disagree with their relationship.
The Marriage Discrimination Act would strip away the protections Iowans currently enjoy under the Iowa Civil Rights Code. Let your representative know we do not want this discrimination in Iowa!