You may have heard the news: Last week Kim Reynolds, Terry Branstad's running mate, stated her willingness to consider civil unions. Yet, if elected this November, former Governor Branstad vows to pass a constitutional amendment denying the freedom to marry to committed gay and lesbian couples. That's why One Iowa is launching the LETTERS TO MR. BRANSTAD effort to remind the former governor what's at stake.

We need your help. If the Branstad/Reynolds ticket is truly open to supporting committed gay and lesbian couples, they need to hear from you about why marriage is the BEST way for committed couples to care for their families. Share your story or the story of a loved one below to illustrate how marriage strengthens our communities and how divisive politics hurts everyday Iowans.

Immediately after last year's historic decision, we called on you to share your stories with Governor Culver and state legislators. Your response was incredible! Through your efforts, our elected officials stood strong and defeated numerous attempts to amend the Iowa Constitution. That could all change this November.

Take Action: Write your LETTER TO MR. BRANSTAD below!

P.S. - We plan to share some of our favorite letters online and in local newspapers. If you are comfortable with your letter being published, make sure to leave the "Make My Letter Public" box checked. If you'd rather not share your letter publicly, please uncheck this box.

"Does he need reminding that he is playing with real people's lives and emotions, including the couples who have legally married since the ruling?"

Rekha Basu, Des Moines Register 7/11/2010

Helpful Tips for your Letter:

• Keep it positive

• Make it personal

• Emphasize common values: love, commitment, responsibility, family, community

• Give examples: hurdles faced together, ways marriage has strengthened your relationship or that of a loved one