Stand with President Obama and the Equality Federation

On May 9, 2012, President Obama made history when he announced his official support of marriage equality.  This is the first time a sitting president has stood with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community on this important issue.

Not only does President Obama support marriage equality, and not only has he done more to advance full equality for LGBT Americans during his time in the White House, he also believes in a strong state-based movement for equality.

In fact, he believes that it’s up to the states to pass full marriage equality.

The Equality Federation has been proud to help build robust state LGBT advocacy organizations who continue to make gains in relationship recognition, nondiscrimination laws, anti-bullying initiatives, health and human services and a plethora of other critical issues facing our community.

Please join the growing movement for LGBT equality in the states by signing on to the petition below!

Yes, I will stand with President Obama and the Equality Federation to build a state-based movement for marriage equality!

I support the work of our state groups, and the Equality Federation’s role in building the capacity of these critical organizations.

Together, we will achieve full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans!
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